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Waiver and Release

I agree by my entry into this event to accept its inherent risks, and absolve the Gitchi-Gami Trail Association (GGTA), its officers and employees, and all other organizers, sponsors, volunteers and associated entities, with their heirs and assigns, singly or collectively, of all blame or liability for any harm, inconvenience, injury, loss, or other misadventure suffered as a result of taking part in the GGTA North Shore Bike Ride. Any duly authorized doctor or medical technician is hereby authorized to provide me medical treatment in response to an accident, injury or illness during this event. I give permission, without obligation or liability to me, for the use of my name, image or other record of my taking part in the GGTA North Shore Bike Ride for any promotional or publicity purposes. I will obey traffic rules, heed tour officials' advice, and ride and conduct myself with due caution and respect, so as not to endanger anyone or disrupt the enjoyment of fellow cyclists, motorists or others. I agree to wear a properly fitted hard shell (ANSI, Snell approved) bicycle helmet at all times when riding a bicycle at this event. My registration indicates that I have read this waiver and agree with its intent.

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